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"I'll be right by your side, come hell or water high..."

"the answers are out there, in the drowning deep..."

"if there's a problem w'that, we can get it on..."
5 February
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Large chunks of this are friends only. comment, e-mail, IM, whatever, and I'll likely add you.

I have a VOX account, now. Add me, I suppose. I'll use LiveJournal for a long while, yet.

jnspies is the best girlfriend fiancée wife I could ever ask for. I'm a damn lucky guy.

Got Myspace? add me.
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(yay stalking enablers social networking sites)

Moderator of boondock_saints. Aye.

The various lyrics i've used at points in this are...
"if there's a problem w'that, we can get it on..." Pearl Snaps, Jason Boland
"the answers are out there, in the drowning deep..." Harbor, Vienna Teng
"I'll be right by your side, come hell or water high..." "Heaven", Live
"keep a hand on the wheel and a foot on the gas...." Say Goodbye, Theory of a Deadman

"Be brave in all things, little Texas soldier"--m_fallenangel

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."
- Albert Einstein

Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless.
-Thomas Alva Edison

by may 12, 2008, I will accomplish these 101 things. Check back from time to time. I'll update.

I go to concerts and various other fun things in Houston. Here's a list of some of them. It'll change as I add more venues and stuff.

--I have a Texas accent. yeah, a lot. see this entry and click on the link for proof.
--my LJ usernumber backwards spells "permit" on a phone.
--I've lived in the same house(with the exception of my four five six years at college...) all my life. Since mid-2006 I've lived in Houston. woo. In June 2008 we moved near my hometown. I'm loving everything about it.
--my dad and granddad are also from my hometown.
--I'm the most redneck, Texan person a bunch of my friends know. but in that good, non-backwoods-ignorant-bumpkin kinda way. More in that "no-really-my-neck-looks-red" kinda way. Well, and the whole "i like being outside and I can do country-type stuff if i get the chance" thing.
--I carry a pocketknife almost all the time. not at church, but... most of the rest of the time.
--I have a dog, that we got like...15 years ago. he's awesome, if not a little dumb sometimes.
--every baseball cap i own has a bottlecap attached to it.
--I speak German.
--i like crappy movies.
--to my credit, I like good movies, too.
--I like to drive (to waste time, to think, to unwind after a bad day...).
--I like to listen to music (while I drive).
--I drive a mustang; not a truck like everyone figures i should.
--dr. pepper is awesome. but it seems northerners don't like it. I don't understand...
--I met a huge number of people while I was at college, and I remember almost all of their names. And I run into them all randomly all over the state. WEIRD. (my people, they love me...)
--my eyes are green.
--I am (hopefully) a friend to many.
--I am (hopefully) an enemy to few.
--I am a music lover.
--I am a Texan.
--I am a Texas Aggie (whoop)
--I know how to cut down trees, and enjoy it. With an axe. none of that "chainsaw" crap.
--I love to be moving (around. I like my stuff to stay in one place.)
--I love to be at the ocean
--I LOVE full moons. especially over water, or at our pasture. You can check phases of the moon for a given date here.
--I want to fall in love again.edit: I have. It's awesome.
--I want to be successful enough to do what I want. no more, no less.
--I want to be what my friends and family need.
--I like the fact that random chance plays a tiny role in everything.
--I believe that things work out for the best, eventually.
--I think people should play fair.
--I like doing things the right way, not just the easy one.
--I like being, and want to be a useful member of society.
--I like being outside.
--I want having an occupation that allows a feeling of accomplishment, not just "keeping up".
--I love to talk on the phone about nothing for hours with a good friend.
-- My nickname is Gimli since I'm stumpy and have red hair and a beard, and I cut things with an axe. Hah...
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